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Swap Free
Do you still remember the possibility of holding positions for days that were mentioned above? The problem can actually be overcome easily, namely looking for brokers that provide Swap Free services. Lightening trading without Swap is usually also called an Islamic account, because it is provided for Muslim traders who are not allowed to trade with Swap. You don't have to bother looking for any broker that has provided Swap Free,
Trading Platform
If you want to be able to freely hedge with any technique (including one pair), then avoid brokers who do not allow hedging in MetaTrader 5. Currently there are still many forex brokers offering MetaTrader 4, but going forward, the use of MetaTrader 5 will be intensified.
So there's nothing wrong with being more selective in choosing a forex broker that provides MetaTrader 5. Currently, there are already several brokers who can offer MetaTrader 5 for hedging. This can happen because they activate the MT5 platform in hedging mode, so it is not limited to the standard MetaTrader 5 rules that actually enforce FIFO.

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